Where do your shuttles live?

I realize that I don’t have a large number of readers.  But to those who do, I ask, Where do your shuttles live?  Do you keep them in a tin?  Or is a box or a bag more your style?  Maybe you just shove them in a drawer.

I know there are people out there who collect vintage shuttles, kept nicely in display cases.  I’m not talking about those.  I’m talking about your workhorses, the shuttles that you use on a regular basis.  Where do you keep them?

For years I kept my shuttles and other tatting supplies in a square tin, circa 1970’s.  The size was perfect for keeping all my supplies, plus a large ball of crochet cotton.  Even the Victorian street scene design seemed to be ideal for this craft.  And when tatting fell by the wayside for me (it’s sad but true), this tin kept everything nice and clean for me until I rediscovered how much I loved it.

But once I rediscovered tatting, I also discovered for the first time, websites that sold thread.  The years of being satisfied with plain white crochet cotton bought at Frank’s were over.  Soon I owned red and blue, gold, and (gasp!) black thread.  And to my joy… they came in different sizes!  So needless to say, I now have way too much thread and supplies to fit in this little square tin.Girls 041

More recently I’ve been keeping my shuttles and other tatting supplies in a little tin Ziggy lunchbox.  Not only is it very portable, it’s down right cute! I get almost as many comments on the lunchbox as I do on my tatting.  I’ve been wondering, though, if I should start using something a little larger and more sophisticated.  I know, I know, WHAT could be more sophisticated than a Ziggy lunchbox???

Girls 048

Well, now I have this roll-up travel case that was a pressie from the folks at Similac, and it would make a cool tatting case.  It has a large compartment for a few balls of thread, and large pockets. See, it pays to have a baby.

Now I just have to find a place for my thread to live. LOL!

Just a fraction of my tatting thread stash

Just a fraction of my tatting thread stash

Girls 041
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