Holiday Crafting

The Holiday season is fast approaching.  This is my busy season.  Not that I’m not busy the rest of the time, goodness knows I don’t have time to think recently.  But the holidays always bring new opportunities for me to be crafty.

My first opportunity of the season came in the form of a Christmas ornament decorating contest at work.  Everyone who entered was given a silver-colored glass ball ornament to decorate however we see fit.  I have some cool ideas rattling around in my brain for this one.  I can’t wait to get started, though it will have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I would love to make some homemade cookies with Danica this year, but I’m sure that I won’t have the time.  I’m making dinner this year for around 15 people… now that’s a crafty adventure right there.  Maybe I’ll think of something cute to make with Danica before Thursday.

This year I plan on doing some Christmas tatting.  I have a dear friend that I want to make something special for.  At first I was thinking that I would tat her a cross bookmark, because I know she would really appreciate that.  But now I have found some large yarn bobbins at Hobby Lobby and they look like they would make great shuttles for yarn.  So I’m considering tatting her a scarf make with yarn.

I also want to make some tatted snowflakes and angels.  My Sister loves snowflakes, it would really be nice if I can make her a special, one of a kind, snowflake for Christmas.

Oh!  What a great idea… what if I make a scarf from tatted snowflakes connected together?  Tomorrow I’m heading down to the yarn shop to scope out white yarn that would be suitable for tatting.  I can’t wait!!

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