Great news! I’m getting published!

Well, this is some unexpected and happy news…  A few days ago I received an email from the folks at Somerset Studio® that they have chosen some of my artwork for an article in their Somerset Studio Gallery™ special issue this coming December.

I had about given up all hope of them publishing my artwork, it had been so long since I submitted it.  I’ve learned to deal with rejection when I started submitting artwork for publication.  I realize that not everyone is going to like my art.

But I am so very very happy that they chose my work to put in their magazine.  I have had a doll published in Art Doll Quarterly™, but it was in a grouping with other artists.  This will be the first article just about me.

So they gave me a deadline of the 26th to send them the electronic version of my article.  I already have a saved copy of the article that I had submitted, but I need to go back over it and re-write it to their format.  So I have a bit of work to do.

This is very exciting for me, I just had to share!

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Welcome Baby Makayla Ann and Thanks to Post Mortem Paranoid Posters

Makayla Ann

Makayla Ann

Little Miss Makayla Ann arrived on Cinco de Mayo.  She was 7 lbs, 15 oz, 20 3/4 inches long.  She is the apple of her Mommy & Daddy’s eyes!

In the weeks (okay, Months) leading up to Makayla’s birth I really didn’t feel like going on line at all.  My blog sat idle, emails sat unanswered… I was really in a funk.

Also during this time, my friends at the Ravelry group Post Mortem and Paranoid Posters (a group of folks who feel that they have the knack to kill a discussion just by posting in the thread) were busy creating a special surprise to welcome Makayla into the world.  Several of the ladies were secretly making hand knit and hand crochet baby items for us.

The truly silly thing is that I knew all about this covert operation, but had no clue that it was for me!  I even signed up to make something prior to going into hibernation.  Aparently, everyone was in on the secret but me.  I was given a fake name and the whole thing was openly discussed in one of the threads.  All this time, I had no idea.

Girls 038This past weekend, a rather large package arrived on my doorstep.  Inside was the most beautiful baby items… sweaters, bibs, blankets, hats, booties, toys, etc!!  It warmed my heart and made me cry tears of joy. Pictures will be posted soon.

So thank you very much to my fellow thread killers at PM&PP!!

How will I ever find time to do any Tatting???

So I was at home sick most of last week, and do you think I did any tatting?  Nope!!

I did finish a crochet scarf that I have been working on.  I am supposed to knit like three baby things, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to knit baby stuff when I’m sick.  Kind of weird, I guess I’m afraid that my germs will get on them.  So I finished this scarf and I’m very happy with it, except that I’m not too fond of  the yarn.  I made it with about 3/4 skein of Caron Simply Soft that I had left over.  It’s soft and I like how it’s shinny, but it’s too soft and doesn’t hold it’s shape.  All and all, I’m happy, it makes a nice spring scarf.

Saturday night I was feeling a bit better, do you think I did any tatting?  Nope again!   Instead I found this really cool blog builder site and created my blog (okay, it was 3:00 in the morning, but still).  Since then I’ve been fiddling around with it.  I think it looks great!

Now I’m well again and back to work for about 9 more weeks until I go on maternity leave.  And then there is so much to do to get ready for the baby.

…So I’m wondering where tatting will fit in? I guess it’s a good thing that tatting is so very portable.  I should pick a pattern, grab some thread and a couple shuttles and take them with me wherever I go.  Maybe I’ll find some free time in between all the busy stuff that I have to do.

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The Tatted Pansy

Tatted Pansy Pin by FabEWElous

Tatted Pansy Pin by FabEWElous

The image that is on my banner is of a tatted pansy pin that I have created.   It is my most popular tatted object so far.  The pattern came from an old tatting book that I have: Tatting Patterns by Julia Sanders.

I have been wanting to try this pattern for years… decades, in fact.  It looked so daunting and I thought that my tatting skills were not good enough to even try.  So the book and the tatting supplies were put away for  year and years.

Last year I joined Ravelry and found a group of people who enjoyed making lace by several different methods.  Many posts were regarding tatting and so I decided to dig out the old shuttles.  Soon I was hooked!  I posted a few of my finished objects and got just the positive feedback that I needed to get the courage to try the pansy pattern.

The photograph in the book was in black and white and didn’t really do justice to the structure of the flower.  At first I thought that it had a black bead in the center, but after reading the pattern, I realized that what I was looking at was the center ring.  Another photograph showed each of the three sizes of petals laying side by side, which gave me impression years ago that each petal was tatted separately.  Alas, after reading the pattern again, I found that it was tatted in one piece.  Yikes!

The book itself is from the 70’s but it is a reprint of patterns from the depression era.  There is little thought to ends.  The pattern begins with at ring with five picots.  Each petal is constucted with concentric chains worked from each picot.  I took creative license to omit the center ring and base each petal off of a ring rather than a chain.  By doing so I decreased the number of tail ends greatly, but it twisted too easily and was hard to figure out which petal was next in order. If I make this again, I think that I will tat each petal separately, beginning with a mock ring and a lock stitch… in theory it should work.

After much frustration, I finaly finished the tatting and added the beads in a freeform design (more creative license on my part).  The pansy has been mounted on a wooden base covered in black fabric.  I am not too happy with the thickness of the mount, so I do intend on updating it in the future to something that will not stick out so far when worn as a pin.

As a side note: I received a tatting book from a friend yesterday, it is a modern book of older patterns.  It has a very nice full color photo of what appears to be this pansy pattern.  I will have to study the instructions to see if it is the same.  I looks so beautiful with the center ring in a dark color to contrast with the light color on the inner part of the petals.  Hmmmm…..

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A Blog is Born!

Welcome to my FabEWElous Fun Funky Fiber Blog!

I am a “Jane of all trades” – Mistress of whatever I put my mind to.  I have been crafting my entire life, it is genetic.  I am the offspring of a NASA Engineer and a French Quarter Artist… with a background like that, I was bound to be very creative and a little unusual.

I am an Artist who works in many media:  Fiber Arts, Art Dolls, Mixed Media Collage, Graphite, Pen and Ink, Paper Sculpture, Stage and Scenery Design, Watercolor, and Acrylic Painting.

My main focus these days is Fiber Arts, specifically Tatting.  Yes, I Tat!  I can’t believe the number of people I find who are becoming interested in this age-old craft.  My sister-in-law taught me how to tat when I was 18 year old, and years later I found inspiration to pick it back up again from my friends on Ravelry.

I also have found inspiration to start something totally new to me… another “craft” to master… blogging.

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