Big into Tatting…Tatting Big

I have two words for you, Berroco Latitude!

A few weeks ago I was eyeing a doily pattern that had a round of crochet halfway up the tatting.  It looked like something that I wanted to try, but I didn’t have the size 10 crochet hook that it called for.  So I found myself at the yarn shop here in town looking for one.  They always have the yummiest yarns there!  Up by the front window I spotted this yarn.  It’s called Latitude by Berroco.  It’s a cotton blend worsted weight yarn, but what makes it unique is that it has a dark fiber twisted the other way around it, locking the fibers in place.  Before I could catch myself I was saying out loud, “Ooooo!  I’ll bet I can tat with this!!

I have been trying out yarns in my stash (and I have a big stash) to see if any of them were suitable for tatting with.  Now, when I say tatting I mean shuttle tatting, I have not yet tried tatting with a needle.  I have a large yarn bobbin which is comfortable enough to use as a shuttle and it holds a good amount of yarn.  So far the best results I had gotten was from Sugar ‘n’ Cream, but it kept fuzzing up and would untwist, both of which made messy picots and I was not satisfied.

Last weekend I went back to the shop during their sit and knit session and bought two balls and sat down with the ladies there and tried out tatting with this yarn.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I just started playing around.  I used the simple 8-8 pattern from a bookmark that I had recently made.  I was hoping that if the rings were large enough that I could just repeat the pattern to make a scarf.  So I sat and chatted and tatted, using my makeshift tatting shuttle.  These are the photos of what I created.

Okay, so there was a lot more CHATTING than tatting.  LOL.  I suppose that this could end up making a skinny scarf but I’m interested in something a bit wider.  I’ve decided to do something with butterflies, I bought two colors, this pink and a teal green.  I’m trying to come up with simple butterfly pattern to repeat over and over to form the scarf.

Hopefully I’ll have something more to show on this soon.

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  1. wow, that’s a really great idea! I have to try this with my yarns as well!


  2. Stick with the shuttle – it’s the proper, traditional way to tat and will give you (IMHO) much tidier results. Also welcome to the addiction of tatting and life in ‘tat land’!!!!!

  3. The best tatting is done with a tightly twisted thread, usually 6 cord, so I’ve never been too interested in tatting with yarn. It’s been done, but I can crochet a lacy design so much faster with yarn that I just go with it. There is a tatted bookmark pattern called garden path or something like that which has either butterflies or flowers – I’ve seen it both ways – along a vine a of green leaves. Sounds like that might work for your idea. You would have to make several lengths and attach each length together, either as you tat or later. Here’s an example with the flowers:

    Well..I was thinking of the two colors of yarn but now that I re-read you, you just want a simple butterfly motif! Good luck either way!

  4. I’ve never had much luck tatting with yarn, mostly because the yarn isn’t twisted tightly enough for my tastes. But your results look terrific and it is such a great idea to have a tatted scarf. Please keep us updated as to your progress.

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