Gotta Love the “Ughs”

I just love the term “ugh”.

Sometimes a project goes horribly wrong.  Sometimes it goes just a little wrong.  Sometimes any amount of wrong is enough to qualify a project as an “ugh”.

Recently I was playing around with a little tatted motif that was in my head.  I’ve decided to start working in black thread because I love the way it looks when finished.  So my little test motif was coming along nicely,and I was hoping that after blocking it would actually be usable.  I had just one more bead to add, when I snagged the thread.Thread Barf!

I mean really snagged it!  When joining to the beaded picot I only grabbed part of the thread with my hook.  The result was this nasty little thread barf.  Sigh! This one was really bad, there was no way to smooth it back out again.  I decided it really wasn’t worth it to try to save the piece.  There’s no sense in blocking it now.  I cut the thread and tossed it into my Ziggy lunchbox.

In a few weeks I will dig it out again and take another look at it.  I’ll probably knot on another thread and continue.  Since it’s ruined anyway, there’s no need to worry about how it looks.  I’m sure I’ll re-work the pattern.  I think I want to add a few more picots and one more row of chains…

If I hadn’t messed up this piece, then I most likely wouldn’t have the guts to add to it.  I know it was just a test piece, but isn’t that the point?  You make a mistake, and grow from it… Good advice for tatting and life.

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